PERFECT PET: for the second consecutive year at “Interzoo 2024”

Perfect Pet has managed to become a model for the Greek pet market, charting a steady upward trajectory. But how did it all begin.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the market, Ms. Lilian Lykouropoulou and Mr. Vasilis Chrysopoulos founded the company in 2006 with a low share capital, placing at the core of this venture the provision of high-quality products and services for pets and their caretakers. The trajectory continued upwards, and in 2009, the company leased and relocated to a 1,000 m2 warehouse, while in 2015, it bolstered its portfolio with private label products, embarking on the journey of commercial brands Celebrate Freshness, Fury, and Glee.

By 2016, marking 10 years since its inception, Perfect Pet had already secured its position among the most dynamic companies in the industry in Greece, boasting a robust portfolio of branded food products and accessories, alongside a strong network of 700 specialized partners throughout the country.

In 2018, the company took another step forward by expanding its product portfolio further, adding well-known premium brands of pet foods. This move led, a year later in 2019, to another relocation, this time to a building of approximately 4,200 m2 , introducing automation to logistics and sales processes.

In 2020, Perfect Pet achieved double-digit growth, with its workforce now consisting of 47 employees. The number of sales points exceeds 1,300 across the entire Greek territory, both on the islands and the mainland. The growth within less than 20 years led the company, in 2024, to its most significant economic move ever in the Greek pet market. For another consecutive year, it achieves a double-digit growth rate of turnover, exceeding
22% compared to 2022, surpassing €22 million and strengthening its presence in more than 10 countries through exports and participation in major European trade shows. In January, it makes the largest investment ever made in the sector from a financial perspective, creating new, modern, privately-owned facilities with a total area of 6,200 m2 and adopting the best practices in every production process.

Within just 17 years, Perfect Pet has become the number one Greek company in the import and distribution of pet products, representing exclusively more than 29 brands and paving new paths in accordance with European and global innovations. Today, the company employs approximately 60 people, while its portfolio includes more than 16,000 product codes, with around 2,400 of them being private label products under the brands Egeo, Celebrate Freshness, Glee, and Perfect Care.

Τhe company’s involvement in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility is also significant. Through educational initiatives in collaboration with other official bodies such as the Guide Dogs School for the Blind “LARA”, as well as through presence in every particular need that arises, especially after natural disasters, the company demonstrates its social face in practice.

Based on trust, expertise, and our vision, we invite you to visit us at the largest industry exhibition, “Interzoo 2024” Hall 3 / Booth 3-604. We look forward to meeting you in person to introduce you to our range of “Egeo” wet food series, inspired by the flavors of Greece, as well as our range of treats and snacks, “Celebrate Freshness”.

Egeo Pet Food
A gastronomic journey of “intoxicating” flavors

Egeo Pet Food is a natural, sustainable diet for pets inspired by the Aegean Sea, combining high nutritional value, taste variety, and exceptional flavor. Starting from the diversity of the Aegean Sea and our passion for the well-being of our furry companions, Egeo Pet Food was developed with 100% natural ingredients and sustainability in mind.

All recipes combine fish caught in open seas with chicken from controlled breeding farms and other select, 100% natural ingredients, rich in animal protein and high biological value. The carefully selected raw materials are suitable for human consumption, while their fishing is carried out without endangering the natural environment and fish populations. Egeo Pet Food recipes are free from additives, preservatives, and artificial colors, while the “handcrafted” production gives them natural taste superiority and ease of digestion.

What sets Egeo Pet Food apart is the steam cooking process, which preserves the nutritional ingredients, enhances flavors, and reduces calories, supporting a healthy digestive system. Additionally, hand filleting ensures excellent quality control, guaranteeing optimal quality and a unique gastronomic experience.

44 unique codes combine and present all the beneficial properties of the open sea, available in four different textures for cats (Jelly, Broth, Sauce, Drink) and one for dogs.


Celebrate Freshness
Pets’ Favorite Treats

The comprehensive range of treats from Celebrate Freshness is rich in variety of flavors and textures, capable of meeting the needs of both dogs and cats, while also rewarding them at any moment of the day. All Celebrate Freshness treats are low fat, hypoallergenic, and made with meat as the first ingredient (chicken, turkey, beef, duck, bacon, rabbit, lamb, pork, venison, salmon).

Additionally, they are Gluten & Grain Free, suitable for pets with digestive issues and sensitivities. Celebrate Freshness offers a wide variety of salami, produced with a high percentage of meat, from excellent raw materials without additives and preservatives. It also features natural chewable Wild Antlers, natural handmade cheese bones based on traditional Himalayan recipe by Happy Yak.

The collection is further enriched by Fresh Scottish Salmon Oil, while the range is complemented by natural chewable olive wood sticks infused with olive oil Olive Woods, and Collagen Chews in three unique flavors and three different textures.  With respect to the dietary needs of pets, the Celebrate Freshness range was developed and continues to evolve following the strictest standards, aiming to provide moments of enjoyment to our beloved companions while also offering all the necessary nutritional ingredients to enhance their health, well-being, and longevity.


GLEE for Pets
A Whole World of Accessories

A whole world of accessories, beds, grooming essentials, and toys for dogs, cats, and birds unfolds through the Glee for Pets series. The collection consists of a wide variety of designs, colors, textures, and patterns, promising to satisfy and enhance the lives of our little friends, creating a comfortable and carefree coexistence.

The collars, leashes, and harnesses from the series promise to transform your beloved companion’s walks into a safe and enjoyable experience that combines style and comfort. Additionally, the range features a wide variety of beds, pillows, nests, and cooling products capable of satisfying every need for rest and tranquility of your beloved friend.

The series is completed with pet carriers, bowls, grooming brushes, scratching posts, crates, houses, and litter boxes, while the collection of clothing promises to make your beloved friend happy and content!


Perfect Care
Daily Protection and Care

Perfect Care is a fully comprehensive range of products for the daily protection, care, and hygiene of your beloved companion. It is accompanied by hypoallergenic shampoos designed to replenish the natural moisture of the skin and coat, as well as wet wipes ideal for everyday cleaning, effectively removing dust, secretions, and impurities while simultaneously keeping bacteria away thanks to the special chlorhexidine composition they contain.

From Perfect Care, repellent collars and sprays, as well as training pads, made from 100% biodegradable materials for maximum care and hygiene, are essential. The collection is completed with silicone cat litters (crystalline) and litters made from Greek bentonite, making Perfect Care your everyday ally in the care and maintenance of your pet.