ARIUM 2024: International festival of aquariums & exotic ecosystems

The aim of this festival is to offer visitors a rare opportunity to journey into the world of exotic reptiles, amphibians, arthropods, and insects, as well as both freshwater and saltwater fish. The goal is for all visitors to discover the unique characteristics and care requirements of these creatures, depending on the ecosystem to which they belong.

Alongside the festival, for the 4th time in our country, the International Discus Competition, Best of Discus 2024, will be held, as well as a separate competition for biotopic ecosystems (ARIUM), which mimic the natural habitats of species as closely as possible, depending on their geographical origin.

During the exhibition, seminars and presentations will be conducted by internationally renowned speakers, as well as many interactive tours into the magical world of tropical animals. What started as a small dream is now turning into a real rendezvous not to be missed for ARIUM’s friends.

What are the visitors going to see:

Presentations of biotopic aquariums.

Within the exhibition area, biotopic aquariums will be set up, each presenting a specific habitat of the planet to take you on a journey to distant tropical ecosystems and acquaint you with some of the fish and plants living there.

Aquatic Biotopes!

Aquatic biotopes represent a unique world of hydrobiosis beauty and diversity. These habitats showcase the natural beauty and vitality of water, offering an amazing experience for their visitors. In this exhibition, we will explore the significance of aquatic habitats and how they contribute to the protection and preservation of aquatic biodiversity. Aquatic habitats represent natural or potentially artificial aquatic environments, such as rivers, lakes, and wetlands. These habitats are not only impressive decorative elements but also valuable educational tools for raising awareness among the public about the importance of conserving aquatic ecosystems.

Through interactive observation of the species living in these habitats, visitors lear about the different aspects of life in water, ecosystems, and the challenges faced by aquatic environments. Additionally, visiting an aquatic habitat can encourage action to protect aquatic ecosystems. One of the most significant benefits of aquatic habitats is biodiversity conservation. These habitats enable species threatened by human exploitation or habitat loss to survive and reproduce. By creating and maintaining these habitats, we can contribute to the protection of endangered species and the restoration of aquatic ecosystems. Aquatic habitats are a crucial pillar in the effort to protect and maintain aquatic biodiversity. Through public education, research promotion, and collaboration with environmental experts, aquatic habitats contribute to ensuring a healthy and balanced
aquatic ecosystem for future generations.

Finally, aquatic habitats offer a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world. With the dazzling variety of species and aquatic environments they offer, these habitats create unforgettable experiences for their visitors. Through continuous effort and commitment to maintaining these habitats, we can ensure a natural world of aquatic beauty and abundance for future generations.

Aquarium architecture showcases.

An aquarium, besides being a replica of nature, can also be a work of art. Some of the most acclaimed Greek aquascapers will demonstrate in front of you how to set up an aquarium. Rest assured, they promise not to hide any of their secrets.


In the exhibition area, you will be greeted by the magic of the underwater world with two fantastic competitions of aquariums and fish!

International Discus Competition Best of Discus 2024

For the fourth time in our country, an international competition is organized concerning the king of the Amazon. Colorful and morphologically perfect discus fish from all over the world will be hosted in the competition’s aquariums and judged by an international multidisciplinary jury.

Biotopic Paludarium Competition As part of the Arium festival, a competition for setting up a biotopic ecosystem is organized. From tropical paludariums representing a point in the rainforests of the Amazon to a segment of the hot desert in Arizona, competitors will offer you magical images that you may have only seen in documentaries.

The First Biotopic Paludarium Competition in Greece!

With pride, we invite you to another impressive event of the ARIUM 2024 Festival: the Biotopic Paludarium Competition. As it enters the Greek scene for the first time, this competition showcases the artistry and creativity of aquarists and amateur ecologists.

At ARIUM 2024, participants will present the most unique and impressive Paludariums, incorporating the natural beauty of aquatic life and flora into stunning ecosystems. From lush wetlands to beautiful rocky areas, participants will compete for the best representation of a unique biotopic environment.

Come and discover the architectural showcases and amazing creations that prove nature is the best source of inspiration. Combining aesthetics with functionality, participants will showcase their talent and showcase their love for the natural environment.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to be inspired and enjoy the beauty of nature at a festival that combines art, science, and entertainment. We await you at ARIUM 2024 to experience an unforgettable biotopic paradise!

Aquarium Architecture

The Meeting of Aquarium Architecture (Aquascaping)

The aesthetics of aquariums are no longer simply a matter of admiring them from afar. It has evolved into an art, a quest for the perfect combination of natural and architectural elements. And in this endeavor, the ARIUM exhibition comes to shed light on a world that until recently was hidden in the shadows.

From May 17th to 19th, Athens hosts the ARIUM exhibition, a celebration of Aquascaping – the art of designing and creating underwater landscapes in aquariums. Managing to combine aesthetics with technology, the exhibition aims to be a source of inspiration for both professionals and amateur aquarium enthusiasts.

During the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to see impressive displays of aquarium architecture, where creators will showcase the latest trends in Aquascaping. From small to large and impressive aquariums suitable for large spaces, each creation will be a  prospective world, a cosmopolitan underwater dream.

In addition to the displays, visitors will have the chance to attend presentations from top experts in the field of Aquascaping, who will share their knowledge and techniques. Furthermore, various suppliers and companies will showcase the latest products and equipment for aquariums, giving visitors the opportunity to refresh or expand their collection.

The ARIUM exhibition promises to be a unique journey into the world of Aquascaping, a journey full of inspiration, innovation, and beauty. For all those who have discovered the world of aquariums as a work of art and wish to delve deeper into it, the ARIUM exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover new ideas, techniques, and products.

So, mark your calendars for May 17th-19th and get ready to dive into the exciting world of Aquascaping in Athens. We look forward to welcoming you to the ARIUM exhibition and sharing with you our love for aquariums and the art behind them.