Investment sees Fish4Pets® spring into 2022 and beyond

Fish4Pets®, the company behind the brands Fish4Dogs® and Fish4Cats®, has received a substantial business development fund, that will set the ‘champions of fish’ on a path to international growth.
FKRA, principal shareholders, have supported Fish4Pets® since 2004, helping the company become a multi award winning business selling in over 35 countries.
The senior teams in both Fish4Pets® and FKRA identified opportunities to accelerate the growth of the business and sought a co-investor to provide additional financing to enable the company to level up.
The new investor is investment company DSD, a company which invests in a wide range of sectors. The investment in Fish4Pets® is their first in the pet food sector. They were attracted to it because of its sustained growth, wide market reach and sustainable, oceanlinked sourcing strategy.

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