Leader in the pet products industry in Greece.


editor: Jenny Zoumboulaki, Perfect Pet Marketing Manager

Having deep knowledge of the market, the owners of the company Mr. Chrysopoulos and Mrs. Lykouropoulou, proceeded to its establishment in 2006 in order to cover the gaps in the market which were created by the growing needs of pet guardians.

Since then, Perfect Pet has followed a steady upward course consolidating its position in the Greek market, achieving stable partnerships both with manufacturing plants throughout Europe, as well as with most Pet Shops of the domestic and global market. Our respect for the partner, our vision, the energy and passion for what we do, ensure the ideal conditions for supplying high quality products and services to all guardians of pets, a fact that is proven on a daily basis by the preference that merchants and consumers show us. At the same time, the total storage space of 6,500 m 2, combined with using the best techniques in Logistics management and the specialized staff that is employed by the company, make up the golden recipe for the most efficient customer service which is always in the spotlight.
Our products are released after the Research and Development process has been successfully completed, while each stage of production is thoroughly checked for compliance with the Quality Rules, established and followed by the company.
Our high quality products cover a wide range of pet needs concerning their nutrition, care, and entertainment.

Celebrate Freshness

Our pets’ favorite treats

The complete line of treats Celebrate Freshness, is available in a wide variety of flavors and textures, in order to meet the needs of dogs and cats and to “reward” them at any time of the day.

All Celebrate Freshness treats are low fat, hypoallergenic and produced using high-quality raw materials with the main ingredient being meat (chicken, turkey, beef, duck, bacon, rabbit, lamb, pork, deer, and salmon). Celebrate Freshness treats are Gluten & Grain Free with respect to the pets with sensitivities to digestion. They are available in colorful packages that allow direct visual contact with the product, while their practical closure ensures maximum highlighting of their aroma and taste.

The Celebrate Freshness line includes a wide variety of salami, which is produced with a high percentage of meat, from excellent raw materials, without additives or preservatives.

Also the Wild Antler Chew Celebrate Freshness series leave their own mark. These products help clean dog teeth and are hypoallergenic and get the pet occupied for several hours. They are available in flavors such as Deer, Buffalo and Taurus, in a variety of sizes.

The Happy Yak collection completes the delightful treats of the Celebrate Freshness line, with natural handmade cheese bones, made following a traditional cheese making process directly from the Himalayas, with low lactose, minimal calories and irresistible taste.

Finally, the Oil from Fresh Scottish Salmon, leaves its own mark, since it is the appropriate food supplement for dogs and cats, without extra additives or flavorings.

With respect to the nutritional needs of pets, the Celebrate Freshness line was developed and still improving based on the strictest standards, so as to offer moments of pleasure to our beloved friends and at the same time to offer all the necessary nutrients to enhance their health, wellbeing and longevity.

Perfect Care

Daily protection and care

The Perfect Care line is a complete product line for the daily protection, care and cleanliness of dogs and cats. Our shampoos are hypoallergenic and designed to replenish the natural moisture of the skin and coat of dogs and cats. They have been developed with moisturizers to make brushing easy and offer volume and shine to the hair. Their wonderful aromas last, leaving a sense of freshness and rejuvenation.

Moreover, the wet wipes of the Perfect Care collection are ideal for daily cleaning, since they remove dust, secretions and dirt, without causing irritation while at the same time they keep germs away thanks to their special chlorhexidine composition. They are available in 2 different, practical sizes and 8 unique fragrances that do not need rinsing, while thanks to their practical packaging, they are kept fresh until the last one.

The repellent collars and sprays could not be missing from the Perfect Care line. They protect dogs and cats from all exoparasites, thanks to the two active substances Margoza and Citriodiol, providing unique protection during every walk, without causing a rash.

This line also provides diapers for potty training, made from 100% biodegradable materials, and like all of our products, they are developed with the aim of providing maximum care and hygiene to the pet and the guardian, while keeping the house clean.

  • The Perfect Care line is completed with two innovative types of hygienic cat litter, made of bentonite and silica, of superior quality and high performance.
    The crystalline cat litter consists entirely of natural silicone crystals and it is designed specifically for the immediate neutralization of odors and the absorption of moisture.
  • The cat litter made of Greek bentonite, thanks to its high absorbency, forms solid clumps, does not stick to the pets’ coat and also neutralizes all odors.

Perfect Care is the answer when it comes to the daily care of a pet.

Glee for Pets

A World of Accessories

A whole world of accessories, beds, toiletries and toys for dogs, cats and birds unfolds through the Glee for Pets line.

The Glee line consists of a wide variety of colors, textures and designs, and its purpose is to satisfy and improve the lives of our little friends, securing a comfortable and carefree cohabitation.

Glee collars made of strap, with a characteristic metal buckle or plastic clasp, are a really convenient and durable product.
They are easy to use, while they can get washed and dry quickly. Especially the collars with a security clasp are adjustable for a better fit. Glee collars will impress you with their wide variety of colors, to match the personality of the pet, its coat, as well as the preferences of the guardian. They are available in different sizes and a wide variety of colors and designs.

At Perfect Pet, we believe that there is the right guide for every walk with the dog.
Thus, the guides of the Glee line are specially designed to meet the needs of each dog as they are durable and practical, they don’t get easily damaged or torn and they are water resistant. They are combined with collars so that every walk would be unique and in style.

Meanwhile, the saddles developed by the company please both the lovers of the strap and those of the “Norwegian” style harness and are the most widespread alternative when it comes to walks, since they offer safe control. Glee saddles have been developed after studying the musculoskeletal system of pets as they provide the ability to properly distribute the force exerted by the guardian on the dog or cat without injuring the pet.
The walk with the dog or cat needs to be comfortable and safe for everyone! They are available in different sizes and a wide variety of colors and designs, while at the same time they are uniquely combined with the guides of the Glee line, offering irresistible style.

The beds, pillows and nests of the Glee line are set to offer moments of relaxation, as they have been developed, after many years of research in both mattresses and fabrics, to meet the needs of pets at every stage and age of their lives, without causing rush or allergies while supporting their musculoskeletal system.
The Glee collection also includes beds with nanotechnology that is effectively resistant to dirt, since the fibers do not absorb dust, oil or water. They are filled with 100% recycled fibers and a non-slip surface offering countless moments of tranquility to our beloved pet. In addition, the special orthopedic beds designed with support hives, perfectly adapted to the body of the dog or cat could not be missing from the Glee line.

Last but not least, “Insect Protection” beds, provide direct protection from insects and parasites, thanks to the revolutionary technology that repels mosquitoes, mites, ticks, flies, fleas and other bugs.
The Glee for Pets collection is completed with the ultimate transportation accessory, which is none other than the practical backpacks. With a plastic window and holes with truk or safety net for adequate air circulation, they ensure that the pet guardian will not go anywhere without his favorite companion. The backpacks have a soft back lining and adjustable straps to fit the guardian’s body perfectly.

Plans for the future

Perfect Pet, staying focused and persistent concerning the development and distribution of top products for pets, continues to participate in the evolution of the industry and develop innovative products while strengthening its sales network. After all, the Perfect Pet team never rest and they are constantly looking for new challenges.