A family business with 25 years of history

Funky Pet is a family business based in Athens, Greece. Our main business is the manufacture and import of pet and productive animal accessories. Our products are handmade and manufactured with selected Greek raw materials, such as genuine vegetable tanned leather and high durability webbings.

The Funky Pet Story

Funky Pet was founded in 1998 by George and Myrsini Lamprou when, after 15 years of experience in the trade and manufacturing of handmade, leather goods, their passion for pets led them to make and sample their first dog collars. They soon started making pet collars and leads as their main occupation, expanding their product range to include accessories for productive animals such as cows, horses and goats and sheep in order to meet all the needs of the provincial pet shop, veterinary clinic and feed store.

In 2002, due to the increased market needs, they also started to import products from abroad, such as walk and yard chains, transport houses, bells and other accessories for productive animals.

In 2020, the family business passed on to the next generation. Having gained extensive experience from all stages of production and with many years of involvement within the business, Tasos and Charis Lamprou took on a central role, bringing new ideas and knowledge of modern business practices.

Our goals

As our main goal we have set to achieve long-term trusting relationships with our partners, which we consider essential for the mutual benefit of both parties. In addition, we aim to further develop the business through the adoption of new technologies, knowledge and production methods. In this way we want to ensure that we maintain a strong presence in an ever-evolving and competitive industry.

Today we are in a position to be able to meet all the accessory needs of a modern pet shop and veterinary clinic, whether it is located in a large urban center or in the countryside. At the same time, we continue to dynamically search for and design new products, carefully observing new global trends in the demanding pet and livestock industry.

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