What millennial clients want from their veterinarian

by Elli Kalemtzaki, veterinarian – Certified Coach & NLP Practitioner

The millennial generation, also known as generation Y represents the largest group of pet parents. Raised in a very different world than prior generations, millennials grew up surrounded by computers and cell phones. They dislike traditional marketing and they like to carry out their research on line and off line before buying.

Here are some insights about millennial pet parents that may surprise you:
• What really sets millennials apart is their love for their pets. Millennials are conscientious pet parents and excellent clients for the vet.
• Millennials view pet ownership much in the same manner that their parents would address the preparation for their first child — seeking advice, reading books and researching the Internet.
• They own their first pet as an adult at a younger age and have different expectations for pet products and services.
• They view their pets as part of their family and they’d rather spend money on their pets than themselves.
• They’re eager adopters of new technology especially when it gives them more control over their time and their lives.
• When it comes to getting information about products or services, they would rather turn to their personal and online social networks.

Here are 5 practical tips to help you attract and retain millennial clients:
1. Recognize millennials’ uniqueness and individuality and bond with them on an emotional level.
2.Be authentic in your communication. Choose simple, everyday language in your communication and avoid excessive formality.
3.Offer educational online resources with reliable pet care information. Guide millennials through making decisions, educating and explaining along the way.
4.Demonstrate social responsibility through supporting animal welfare and environmental goals.
5.Maintain a strong presence on social media. Use many different social networking platforms to display the information you want many times and in different ways.

Millennials want the best care for their pets and the right guidance in making the right decisions.
To engage with millennial pet parents, you must provide professional, friendly care and communicate with authenticity via their preferred platforms and networks. The veterinary practices that learn how to deliver the right kind of experience to millennial pet parents, will be the practices that will succeed in attracting and retaining this unique generation of customers.

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