The Pets Today 2024 entrance is free for business professionals and registration is required.
In order to gain time at the entrance of the exhibition, please pre-registrate online now.

Professionals in the sector are:

Petshop owners, veterinarians, pet trainers, groomers, professional breeders, pansion owners, employees, members of companies importing, marketing or manufacturing pet products.

Find new contacts, Build new networks!

The heart of the East-Mediterranean pet market will beat in PETS TODAY 2024. The objectives of PETS TODAY 2024 are: to create an ideal professional environment to host new proposals, ideas, products and services to enhance the growth of the East-Mediterranean pet market and also to form the base for professional meetings among producers, distributors and retailers who are the main agents for the market’s growth.
Start your Business in East-Mediterranean Emerging Area as a visitor at PETS TODAY 2024

The sector’s rapid development had by itself created the need for the realization of a trade event that will underline the market’s trends, needs and opportunities. Well Done that specializes in the organization of trade exhibitions not only has the know-how but also can enhance the exhibitions success through the power of its PETS TODAY trade magazine that is established in the Greek market.

Professionals of the area are more than enthusiastic
PETS TODAY 2024 will be the trend-setting industry barometer for the industry as a whole. It focuses on all aspects of pet products and represents the industry in a highly professional manner: Over 5,000 trade visitors will come to see the products of around 300 (direct & indirect) exhibitors from 12 countries, on an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters. As these PETS TODAY 2024 figures impressively show, the pet industry is highly enthusiastic about the trade fair that is organized by WELL DONE, a company with much experience and specialization on the pet sector. Choose the road to success with total market orientation, products and services of the highest quality, first-class trade visitors and international alignment.

We invite you in Greece, in PETS TODAY as we are prepared to fulfill your entrepreneurial ambitions

Δικτυωθείτε και να αναπτύξετε επιχειρησιακές σχέσεις
H PETS TODAY 2024 αποτελεί τη δύναμη της βιομηχανίας καθώς έλκει έναν ευρύ αριθμό αντιπροσώπων, παραγωγών, εμπόρων, διανομέων και άλλων φορέων. Θα προσφέρει ένα πλήρες πρόγραμμα σχετικών δραστηριοτήτων άρα επιπλέον ευκαιρίες για νέες επαγγελματικές επαφές και γνωριμίες.

Άλλοι κοινοί λόγοι για να επισκεφθείτε την PETS TODAY 2024 είναι για να:

  • Επιβεβαιώσετε επιχειρησιακές σας σχέσεις.
  • Λύσετε συγκεκριμένα προβλήματα.
  • Βρείτε αντιπροσώπους.
  • Συζητήσετε συγκεκριμένους όρους συνεργασίας με το ανώτερο management.
  • Λάβετε περισσότερες ειδικές γνώσεις.
  • Συζητήσετε τις επιχειρησιακές σας ανάγκες σε ένα ουδέτερο περιβάλλον.

Η έκθεση Pets Today 2024, στο Metropolitan Expo θα είναι η εικόνα του κλάδου των ζώων συντροφιάς σήμερα. Είναι το πάθος ενός επαγγέλματος, η φιλική ατμόσφαιρα, η δυναμική της ανταλλαγής απόψεων-ιδεών-εμπειριών. Η ίδια η έκθεση Pets Today 2024 είναι μια επαγγελματική εμπειρία.

Στην Pets Today 2024, στο Metropolitan Expo, δημιουργήσαμε τους όρους και το περιβάλλον, που βοηθά την ανάπτυξη, ώστε όλοι να διευρύνουμε το πλαίσιο αναφοράς μας.

Σας καλούμε:

  • Να επισκεφτείτε όλα τα περίπτερα της Pets Today 2024.
  • Να γνωρίσετε από κοντά τους ανθρώπους που προσπαθούν καθημερινά για την επιτυχία του κλάδου.
  • Να γνωρίσετε νέα προϊόντα και υπηρεσίες.
  • Να αναζητήσετε λύσεις στα επιχειρηματικά σας πλάνα.
  • Να επιλέξετε συνεργάτες και να εδραιώσετε σχέσεις.

Metropolitan EXPO

Access instructions

The Metropolitan Expo is located at the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", in Spata Attica. It has very easy access by all means of public transport (Metro, Suburban, City Buses).

It is only 3' from the Airport and the Metro and Suburban stations, with a direct and continuous connection with an internal bus. The coach stop is outside exit 2 on the arrivals level of the Airport, at the stop specially marked "Exhibition Centre".

With airplane

The Metropolitan Expo is only a short distance from the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". At the same time, there is the possibility of continuous internal transport (shuttle bus), between the airport and the exhibition center.


Airport station, line 3 – Egaleo / Monastiraki / Douk. Placentias / Airport

Suburban railway

Airport station, Neratziotissa - Duk line. Placentias / Airport


All Attica Express buses to Airport (X92 / Kifissia – X93 / KTEL Kifissou & Liosion – X94 / Syntagma – X96 / Piraeus – X97 / Dafni)


Connection to the Port of Rafina, Markopoulo, Keratea, Kalivia and Lavrio


Free transportation for visitors to the exhibition from METRO (Line 3) and SUBURBAN stations, Airport El. Venizelos. The coach stop is outside exit 2 on the arrivals level of the Airport, at the stop specially marked "Exhibition Centre".


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