Observatory of pet owner’s habits

In an era where supermarkets are evolving into dominant players in every kind of retail market, it is particularly important to study the consumer and how they decide, in order to find the differentiation point in our sales funnel. This research aims to deeply understand pet owners and to detect how they decide on the products they buy for their pets. After all, the market for pet products and services is characterized by the inability of the end-user to describe to us what they want, need, and like.

And since this information is absent, we must map out how the buyer decides instead. We will combine quantitative and qualitative research to have data as well as consumer psychological profiles analysis.


Ierax analytix

Ierax analytix is a boutique market research agency with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and strong partnerships in food and beverage such as Lidl, Everest, Farm Koukaki, Macedonian Halva, Veziroglou Salads, Corfu Beer, Beyond Meat, and many others. For the past 5 years, we have been deeply involved in researching and analyzing the FMCG market. We conduct quantitative and qualitative consumer research and assist marketing and sales departments in developing their strategy based on real-time human data.