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Chosen Pet Food and Products is a whole sale trade company with headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Konstantinos and Maria - Elena Kaldakis engaged in breeding of cane Corso Italiano from 2014 with a strong presence in dog shows held in Greece and abroad' they were led in pursuit and finally to importation of a complete line of nutritional products for dogs and cats with high quality standards. '' We have ended in GranataPet , which is a company with a very strict preparation criteria of her raw material, and a parallel respect to pet owners and animals.''

Let's have a closer look...
GranataPet is a company that selects only high quality ingredients in order to create a range of complete nutrition products based on what nature gives us. Nutrition products completely free of grains , without preservatives, sugar, soy, gluten, without additives ,
flavourings and aromas and genetically modified organisms . No animal Testing.

In addition all products contain pomegranate seeds known for their antioxidant activity and a variety of a high quality oils. Green  ipped mussel extract ia also a unique natural ingredient rich in chondroitin and glucosamine which is included in all varieties of dry food and almost all varieties of wet food.

Since 2022 GranataPet brand is constantly gaining a satisfied and loyal clientele in the greek market. High acceptable nutritional products with high- quality standards along with a huge variety in different textures and flavours make the brand unique!

Chosen Petfood and Products - Whole Sale & Trade company Exclusive Distributor of GranataPet GMBH
19is Iouniou 70, Melissochori Thessaloniki